Nontraditional Students: 7 Ways to Control Your Home Time Management

Nontraditional Students Need Help from Spouse
Nontraditional Students Need Help from Spouse

by: Mary Segers

Nontraditional students simply MUST get their Home Time Management under control if they are to have any chance of success. To help, this post will cover 7 ways to accomplish that.

Nontraditional Students

Make up a growing segment of university and graduate school students. I know… I was one for many years. In that time I learned many home time management practices that made my life so much easier and let me have the time I needed to invest in my education… i.e., to attend class, read my assignments, study for tests, and write research papers. Here are some of the things that helped me immensely…

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

Learn to Plan in Advance

Planning in advance is an absolute MUST. Nontraditional students have to plan around kids’ activities, spouse’s schedules, cooking, laundry, kids’ and spouse’s attention needs, attending class, and studying.

It’s a juggling act in the finest sense.

You likely have much of the same going on. Planning in advance will help you fit all the puzzle pieces together in order to make the picture look the best it can possibly look.

Learn to Cook Smarter

Cooking can either take the form of physically cooking and serving meals or in the form of going thru the drivethru. Either way, you’re expending time… you simply have bad feelings like guilt and failure attached to one of those (hopefully the drivethru scenario).

By the way, I have a fabulous free tutorial on Home Time Management and Cooking that you should check out.

Take Time to Create Menus

Creating menus can be an absolute lifesaver. They are so helpful in getting control over your time and energy. They allow you to plan meals your family will love (you’ll feel great) and allow you an unprecedented sense of peace of mind (another reason you’ll feel great).

Get Help with Chores

Everyone can… and should… pitch in and help around the house, with the laundry, and even with the meal preparation. Even young kids can be taught to be helpful.

As a matter of fact, most kids are… by nature… helpful. If yours aren’t then examine if… at some time in the past… they were trying to help and you decided you could do things quicker or better by yourself and so you just pushed them aside or otherwise wouldn’t let them help.

Reignite that helping attitude and you’ll have plenty of help.

Discipline Yourself to Handle Laundry During the Week

I’ve known of so many people who held off on doing laundry until the weekend. They just didn’t want to face it during the week.

Since Saturday was always a big study day for me that would have never worked even if I would have wanted to wait ’til then.

A better idea… and what my family always did (and I’ve convinced many other nontraditional students to do) was to (1) have kids responsible for their own and (2) handle it as part of multitasking during the week.

Take Time to Create Schedules

Schedules are another lifesaver for nontraditional students. You can schedule chores, homework time, meals, and finally, your own study time.

Scheduling may be the only way you have time to study.

Learn to Be Diligent in Managing Your Time

Unless you diligently guard your time and activities you will waste tons of time. I struggle with this myself and so I know from experience. Here’s the thing: You’re going to spend every minute of every day doing something. If it’s not something planned then it’s something unplanned. I promise you, and it should really be common sense, that you’ll get much more accomplished when you plan.

As a nontraditional student you must be aware that those minutes add up to hours… very quickly and easily.

This post talked about 7 ways nontraditional students can get their home time management under control.

If you’d like more detailed directions on how to get control over individual areas of your life then check out my website where I go into detail about the programs I have and the results you can achieve from them.
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