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Nontraditional Students: 7 Ways to Control Your Home Time Management

by: Mary Segers Nontraditional students simply MUST get their Home Time Management under control if they are to have any chance of success. To help, this post will cover 7 ways to accomplish that. Nontraditional Students Make up a growing segment of university and graduate school students. I know... I was one for many years. In that time I learned many home time management practices that made my life so much easier and let me have the time I needed to invest in my education... i.e., to attend Finish Reading [...]

Home Time Management Makes College Easier

by: Mary SegersHome Time Management can really make college easier. And the reason I'm writing about this topic is because I know that there are many nontraditional students who really struggle in this area. Perhaps you're a nontraditional student who is looking for that magic bullet that will make college easier. Well, I'm here to tell you, it doesn't exist. What does exist, however, is home time management, and it is as close to a magic bullet as you will ever get. What I'm talking about Finish Reading [...]